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June 10, 1935 is widely regarded as the “official” Founding date of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This was the day Dr. Bob took his last drink, to steady his hands before surgery, and marked the humble beginnings of what would become Alcoholics Anonymous.

June 11, 2022 is the day that we in the Valley of The Sun will celebrate the 87th anniversary of it’s founding in Akron, OH with a event featuring speakers and panels sharing on AA history and current experience.

This year’s theme is “Forming True Partnerships”

Here is a link to this year’s program (program)

Here is a link to this year’s flyer (flyer)

The event is held in McCready Hall at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church:
2121 S Rural Rd Tempe, AZ 85234 (map)

Time until the event: