“Whenever a civilization or society declines or perishes there is always one condition present – they forgot where they came from.”  – Carl Sandburg

What is Founders’ Day?
A celebration of the day our co-founders, Bill W. and Dr. Bob met and first demonstrated our society’s primary purpose – to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

When is Founders’ Day?
The official date of Founders’ Day is June 10, 1935. We typically celebrate this in the Valley of the Sun on the first Saturday after June 10th.

Who and what is the Founders’ Day committee?
The Founders’ Day committee is a group of our society’s members who have decided to volunteer their time to recognize and celebrate Founders’ Day. Most members of the committee have held several positions and been on the committee for more than one year, but we encourage and invite new members every year.

How often do we meet?
The Founders’ Day committee meets in person once a month, typically on the first Saturday of every month. There may be issues that arise within the month that need a group conscience vote so we ask that even though our meetings are only once a month, you be available throughout. We have only one hour to discuss, debate, and decide on all issues so reaching decisions outside our meetings can be very helpful. Please be sure to provide your email and phone number to the chairperson or secretary if you are interested in being part of the voting process.

What kind of issues do we discuss and vote on?
Initially, every year, positions need to be filled by candidates that the committee, by majority, vote as qualified. Secondarily, but not less important, the people within those positions must fulfill their commitment with actions agreed upon by the committee and in compliance with Traditions.  These actions will be voted on at our monthly meetings. Finally, we will discuss any and all changes, revisions, opinions, and objections regarding the Founders’ Day in its entirety. Some of these conversations will be very brief, others may not get resolved by this committee – it’s all part of the process.

Do I need to show up for every meeting?
When deciding to join the committee, whether by holding a position, or by simply being a part of the committee, we ask that you please consider that you make a commitment to be a part of the whole process. Your voice is part of the process and if you are not present, your voice will not be heard.  It is typically an 8-month commitment (co-chair, chairperson, and program are longer commitments) that does require time and effort outside of the meetings for position holders. If there is a time at which you will be unable to attend a committee meeting, we ask that you alert the chairperson of your absence. If you are unable to fulfill your commitment at any time, it is imperative that you let the chairperson know so that a suitable replacement can be found in a timely manner.

How much time outside of the meetings will I need to devote?
The time and effort necessary is different for every position – please see the position descriptions and consult with those who have previous knowledge of the commitment.

What are the requirements for each position?
The requirements are different for each position. There is a position available for every level of sobriety. Please see a committee member for the position descriptions.

Do I have to hold a position to be a part of the committee?
No. All volunteers are welcome. Some committee members simply act as members to provide their voice, their input, and volunteer their time and energy where and when necessary.

What is a co-chair position (i.e. program co-chair, facilities co-chair, kitchen co-chair, etc…)
As a co-chair position holder, you will be in training, per se, to assume the position the following year. If the chair of that position is unable, in any way, to fulfill their commitment, you will be asked to be available.

What positions are available?
The Chairperson and Program chair are decided at the wrap up meeting for the preceding year. The other positions available to new committee members are as follows: Alternate Chair; Secretary; Treasurer; Program co-chair; Facilities; Facilities co-chair; Kitchen; Kitchen co-chair; Registration(2); Treasurer co-chair; Decorations; Decorations co-chair; Website chair; Traditions Compliance chair; Beverage/ice chairperson; Volunteer coordinator; Volunteer coordinator co-chair; Publicity; Publicity co-chair.

Please attend a committee meeting or ask a committee member for position requirements.